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The logo is what your clients remember most

The logo is the most important element of the corporate image.

Because? Because it is a distinctive and associative graphic element of your brand that works as a unique identifier.

To design it, it is necessary to have a marketing plan, so it is necessary to respond to a brief. This will allow the graphic design team to learn more about your business, its objectives and its projection.

The logo is a vital part of your brand, helping to make it easy for the customer to identify.

There are several logo styles:


It lacks an icon and is basically made up of a group of letters with a certain style that form a word; So the choice of typography will be decisive in giving it the meaning you want to convey. The case of the “Google” logo demonstrates this.


It is the combination of a visual element and another textual element that are part of the same mass, that is, there is no separating space between them. A clear example is Starbucks.


Combination of some icon and verbal component. It is definitely a more complex logo since it transmits both an easily remembered image and clear and legible text, which conveys with greater precision the message that the company wants. Avoid overusing elements, the more elements a design has, the more difficult it will be for the consuming public to remember. An example is Punta del Cielo coffee.


This is based exclusively on an icon and lacks text, which makes this a memorable element since images are registered more easily than words, so we recommend that you also integrate a simple image. The downside is that it doesn’t convey much directly, so the message could be lost.

Each of the previous versions has its own application and knowing what type of corporate image you require will allow you to make a more informed decision for your product or service.

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